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Working at Fronius where your energy makes an impact

We are so pleased that you have clicked on this page and taken an interest in working for our company. If you like the idea of getting more out of your time and energy, then you may well find this virtual visit an exciting one. The whole focus of our work is exciting by definition: we are pooling energy to secure a brilliant future. That is true whether we are striving for efficient solar energy, smart ways to charge batteries or the perfect weld seam. We invest most of our profits into research. The way we work is also exciting: we combine the warmth of a family business based in the small Austrian town of Pettenbach with the diversity of a worldwide organisation with 28 affiliates and agencies in over 60 countries. We do all our own research, development and production. We also work closely with all our customers, whether small workshops or large car manufacturers. Our mission is just as exciting: we want to make the world a better place. Sustainability is at the forefront of everything we do. We construct products that last. We also use renewable energy sources, like solar energy, biomass, geothermal or eco-electricity, to cover all of the energy requirements at all our sites.

Would you like to know more?

Then we welcome you to take a look around. Discover the different roles and responsibilities within the company, what makes us tick as employers and, of course, what positions we currently have available. Have fun and, who knows, we might get to meet in person soon.


Thinking ahead

Our team thinks beyond the boundaries of possibility. They channel this vision into pioneering products and solutions. Clever heads and skilled hands are hard at work in our labs, where they conjure up all kinds of tricks and produce the most modern systems. Along with big name customers all over the world, we are creating an incredible future.


Fronius is a place for people who prefer actions to words, where people who like to drive forward ideas will find plenty of opportunities. It is all about taking matters into your own hands. We trust people to do that: we trust in each other and see mistakes as a necessary part of the learning process. We are open to newcomers and they quickly feel at home with us. Our world is constantly becoming more complex and fast-paced. That is why we are becoming more flexible and improving the way we communicate.


Our products impress even the most demanding customers. We achieve this by working hard: from research to production, sales to administration. We are at the very top of our game on a global level. As a thriving family business, we think in terms of generations. We use our resources carefully and with intelligence. This means that we are also shifting limits when it comes to the future. 

If you want to shape the future, then you have to remain curious and constantly ask yourself this question: how can this or that be done better? Training is the twin sister of innovation and it plays a central role in our culture. The members of our teams are able to cultivate their own professional development. That is because people tend to know what would be most beneficial for them in their individual situation: whether it’s visiting a conference, specialist training, reference books or webinars. Anybody who wants to develop a specialist area will find strong support here at Fronius.

The Fronius training programme offers our employees interesting training opportunities in a wide variety of fields: from project management to energy boosting classes, back exercises to conflict resolution.  One of the special features of this programme is that we emphasise a particular theme each year. It’s usually something topical and we bring in some of the best people in the field for presentations and seminars. For example, the genetics expert, Markus Hengstschläger, and the futurologist, Matthias Horx, have been our guests in the past.
Our application process can be fairly lengthy. That’s because we want to really understand who we have coming to work for us. Chemistry is just as important as professional abilities. Whether in training, management, the research centre or marketing, newcomers need to be a good fit for the company. They have to be inquisitive, think outside the box and want to put their energy to the best use.

As a family business we place a great deal of value on a strong business culture and we shape it together. That's why, along with a standard interview and potential assessment, we carry out trial sessions. Applicants can get to know us more closely and we can see what they are like in a real-life working environment. It becomes apparent pretty quickly if we are a good match.
Yes, it’s true, management is always a demanding job, even at Fronius. Like everywhere, we always have some kind of project that demands the full attention of our management team. The difference is that our products and solutions mean that we are nearly always playing in the big leagues and on a global level. Organising projects on this scale is definitely challenging, but also much more fun. It doesn’t matter if you are leading a small team or a whole department.

This is one of the reasons why our last survey revealed that over 90 percent of the management staff questioned were either satisfied or very satisfied with their jobs. Other reasons? Our open information policy makes everyday management tasks easier, while our development programme means that managers are constantly learning how to be better. As well as this, the fact that we are a family business means that we just do things in a friendlier and more respectful way.

What else? We understand that management tasks take time and can’t be done without serious contemplation. This is a good way for managers to make their energy work harder.
Of course, like any large company, we offer our employees a range of beneficial facilities and social benefits: from the staff restaurant to sporting events and celebrations. What is particularly important to us is the quality of these services.

A good example of this is Fronius KinderLand in Sattledt. We have created a company crèche where all the little ones can play: it is open every day from 6am to 3.30pm and offers spacious play areas, which give the children plenty of room to move around. Key topics and health care days add variety and help prepare the children for when they start school. And the smallest ones, from 15 months of age, will be at home in our toddler’s group  

There are also our sustainable locations: not every company has a massive photovoltaic system on its roof, but we do at our site in Sattledt. Or gets all its heating from a biomass-fired combined heat and power plant. Our employees enjoy well-lit rooms and a pleasant working environment. We have two vertical gardens, one indoor and one outdoor.
We are a family business and incredibly people-focused. The people who work for us really value that, but it doesn't mean all sorts of information is not in the handbook. To make sure that newcomers get to grips with things quickly and can put their energy to the best use right away, we have put together a mentoring programme.

Right on the very first day, colleagues are given a tour of their place of work and shown all the important details: from the time and attendance terminals to the company medical officer and the fruit basket. Our newcomers have a mentor for their first three months to help them with any teething issues: for example, getting to know all the staff members from different departments who might be important for their job role. Mentors can also help with seemingly trivial everyday questions, like “How do I forward a call?” or “Where can I get office supplies?”

We are constantly evaluating and developing our mentoring system to make it even better. This means that employee feedback is really important. Previous experiences can help us to extend an even warmer welcome to the next lot of newcomers. Along with various internal starter training sessions, the mentor programme ensures that employees don’t just get a feel for the place really quickly but are also professionally prepared for their roles.
You’ll find lots of general information when looking for job application tips, from having a professional appearance to expressing yourself well. Good manners are obviously important to us, but we like to meet applicants who bring that something extra:

“Where your energy works harder” is not just the claim on our job advertisement, but an important founding principal. This is the sense we want to get from newcomers. Applicants need to show us how they think outside the box and how they have already tried to make their energy work harder in the past. So, this is our tip: think about how you can best demonstrate your energy. Whether it’s a personal or professional example, a DIY feat or an organisational talent – we don’t mind.

Michael Reder, Teamleader Prozesstechnik Assembly (Sattledt)

"At Fronius I am part of an innovative and international organisation rich in tradition.Together with my team we take new products from the development stage and put them into production, which also includes planning the requisite assembly lines. We also manage production projects that involve new technologies and processes. I think it's a good thing that Fronius has a mentor programme for new recruits, and that there are many staff benefits, such as a company restaurant, crèche and beach volleyball court."
Fronius employee Michael

Sandra Rohregger, mechatronic engineer apprenticeship

“I’ve always been interested in all things technical, but initially started out on a different training path. Once I’d finished that, I decided to go ahead and do an apprenticeship at Fronius. With the advanced level qualification, my training period is shorter and I can also focus on technical subjects at technical college. Fronius has been very kind to me from the start.I also like the fact that Fronius is an international company and that the training scheme can offer me many future prospects.”
Fronius Traineeship Sandra

our Business units

Welding Technology: where your energy goes into creating new connection

Whether in vehicles or cruise liners, local businesses or global industrial plant construction: when it comes to perfect metal joints, our Business Unit Perfect Welding is among the best in the world. We set the global standard when it comes to arc and resistance spot welding and we are the world number one for robotic welding. Why? Because, for more than 60 years, we have been thinking beyond and shifting the limits. People who work for us are researchers, developers and producers. They support customers around the globe with comprehensive services – from system analysis to expert training. Exciting opportunities await those who want to turn energy into something tangible.

Solar energy: where your energy goes into creating a better future

Lots of people talk about sustainability, but, here at Fronius, we live it. In our Business Unit Solar Energy, we have been creating products and solutions that enable a sustainable supply of energy since as far back as 1992. Our vision is for 24 hours of sun, and we work every day to turn this vision into a reality: a future in which 100% of the world’s energy needs are met by renewable sources. We focus on solutions that generate, store, distribute and consume energy efficiently and intelligently. Undoubtedly, it feels good to work on technology that does good in the world.

Charging technology: where your energy goes into saving energy

E-mobility is the future. Wherever combustion engines are used today, in the years ahead, they will come to be replaced by electric drives.  The real skill here is in effective and efficient charging as this process will determine the cost effectiveness of the system being used. This is a skill we have mastered here at Fronius through 70 years of continuous development, whether of lead or lithium-ion batteries. We are driven by our desire to achieve the ultimate in energy efficiency and maximum battery service life and to achieve cost savings for our customers. The same goes for sustainability. People who work for us are extremely proud of what they do, whether they work in research, production or customer care.

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